A leading romance home party company, Brown Bag Party Inc., has recently announced its desire to acquire like-kind or symbiotic companies. Think “Tupperware” parties but with adult products, Brown Bag Party supplies thousands of women with bath and body products, lingerie and bedroom toys. Consultants for Brown Bag Party throw hundreds of parties every week, promoting a growing trend, sex toys sell.

“Our tremendous growth and strong cash position has allowed us to begin the process of seeking other romance home party companies to buy out or absorb into our growing family. We designed our M&A Program with growth in mind.” notes Director of Operations Peter Palmiotto, co-founder and owner.

“I think a lot of independent owners working out of their home or small office buildings are being hit hard by the economy and may be looking for a solution to their worsening situation.” adds Palmiotto. “We’re interested in those companies no matter how small, they’re all worth taking a look at. We see it as a win-win, we manage their infrastructure and they keep their sales team.”

“We’ve actually been approached several times by current owners looking to be acquired or simply join our program, it’s quite flattering.” Notes Palmiotto. “That’s what actually sparked our intent to seek out other opportunities. We recently finalized an asset buyout of an 8 year old company this week and are in talks with another company on the east coast looking for the same thing. Our M&A Program is already showing results.” Palmiotto explained.

Logo from Brown Bag Party

Originally posted by Angela Shupe on February 6, 2009 in MLM Site.


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