H3 Enterprises, Inc., the world’s first publicly traded Hip Hop company, reports a successful Super Bowl week. While many of the businesses in the Tampa Bay area enjoyed an economic boost, the Hip Hop Soda Shop outperformed expectations and achieved all of the major goals of the week. The Hip Hop Soda Shop was clearly the place to be the entire week of the Super Bowl as thousands of patrons visited the restaurant along with big name athletes, celebrities and everyone in between.

H3 took this opportunity to effectively showcase all of the business arms of the Company. Soda Shop TV, the newest initiative recorded hours of video and now has enough footage to create the pilot for promotional use. The beta version of the social network site Soda Shop Gamers was available for in-store testing. The Madden tournament which was announced live onsite promoted H3Gameline throughout the evening. All of the promotional partners of H3 had a strong visible presence throughout the week, Xbox360, Zune and their newest partner Kicker.

Media on every level was present throughout the week. Including print outlet Ozone magazine, HBO/Cinemax, and Clear Channel radio 95.7 The Beat. Additionally ESPN radio star Saul Paul recorded his show live from the studio in the Hip Hop Soda Shop. H3 also provided live exclusive content via from daily updates to the Plies concert live on location.

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Originally posted by Cris Zimermann on February 13, 2009 in Franchise Site.


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