Lisa Druxman Has Taken StrollerStrides From Idea To Full-Blown Success

If you’re a mom who recently had a baby, there is a good chance you’ve heard of or been to a StrollerStrides class near you. Known for their ability to work children into the workout, this is one company which has been an open secret for many women as they work to bring back their pre-pregnancy body, or simply want to be fit.

Over a series of 7 years, Lisa Druxman has used her passion for fitness and parenthood, and built it into a successful franchise with franchisees scattered across 47 states.

Your business, StrollerStrides, has definitely taken the franchise world by storm. I’ve seen articles on your company and your franchisee’s everywhere. Did you ever expect your company to reach this level?

Goodness no. I was just looking for a way to blend my passion for fitness with motherhood.

What was your inspiration behind it?

I was willing to do anything so I didn’t have to leave my son to go to work in a traditional job. I needed an income but wanted to be a full time mom. When I couldn’t find a career that offered this, I created it.

What kind of growth has StrollerStrides seen since it launched?

I started with 4 moms in a single class in San Diego. By the end of the first year, I had 12 locations with 1,000 moms participating in San Diego. 7 years later, we have nearly 1,000 locations in 47 states.

How many franchisees do you have at this time? In what states/cities are they currently located?

284. We are in 47 states.

What are your requirements before someone can sign up as a franchisee?

We don’t have specific requirements because we offer training for people to become fitness professionals. However, you need to have a passion for this population, for this business.

What goals do you hope the company will reach over the next year or so?

In this economy, I think all companies are satisfied with things remaining stable. You will see some big advances in social networking with our business.

What lessons would you say StrollerStrides has taught you?

It has taught me that there are thousands of moms like me who want careers that are supportive of motherhood. It has taught me that being a mompreneur is the hardest thing I will ever do but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

With almost 20 years invested in the fitness industry, do you think this is it for you or do you think there will be other ventures in your future?

I’m the quintessential entrepreneur. I have more ideas than I have time. I’ve got a lot more to come!

Do you have some advice you’d like to share with any potential franchisees reading this interview?

Franchising is a GREAT business model. There is nothing as rewarding as owning your own business; and when you own a franchise you benefit from a proven model and support. But like anything, you get what you put into it. If you have an unstoppable determination for success, you will find it!

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