How A Valley Mom Went From A Swim Coach To Millionaire


Why do some women make big bucks in their home-based businesses while others don’t?

That’s the question internationally renowned author/speaker Maureen G. Mulvaney, aka MGM, set out to answer when researching her latest book, The Women’s Millionaire Club

In the book, readers learn the secrets of building and owning a successful million dollar home-based business.

For her research and book, Mulvaney said she surveyed, assessed and interviewed 21 top performing women millionaires from various home-based businesses, including Valley single mom and millionaire Donna Johnson.

Johnson, a former swim coach, has made millions heading her own ARBONNE beauty products business.

What Mulvaney found was a winning combination of traits and behaviors or what she calls “ingredients” that created recipes for million dollar success.

Photo from Women’s Millionaire Club

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