Dining Out, Near And Far

Calgary Herald:

When new retail developments appear around the city, I always like to see what they have to offer in the way of restaurants. So last week I trekked to the northern reaches of Calgary, to Beacon Hill Centre at 11658 Sarcee Tr. N. W. That’s about as far as you can go on Sarcee right now; there’s a fine view of Balzac from the parking lot.

In many ways, Beacon Hill Centre is much like any other recent retail development. All the usual chain suspects are there — Subway, Edo, Swiss Chalet, Booster Juice, Extreme Pita and so on. I was momentarily surprised when I didn’t see a Starbucks in the vicinity, but someone kindly pointed out that it was just hidden around a corner. There are a couple of new fast-food, franchise operations too — Mucho Burrito and California Thai.

Mucho Burrito is a newish franchisor out of Mississauga. In the past three years, they have opened 17 restaurants across Canada, mostly in Ontario and Alberta. The Beacon Hill outlet is Calgary’s first. They call themselves a “fresh Mexican grill” and serve a range of burritos, quesadillas, taco salads and such. Pretty much everything on the menu is under $10.

Mucho Burrito touts their fresh salsas, which range from a mild corn and black bean to a smoking hot, habanero-laden tomato and tomatillo one. Plus their “mucho burrito” rolled into a 14-inch (36-cm) flour tortilla. And their warm tortilla cinnamon rolls.

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