Parts Town Earns Award At Culver’s Reunion 2009 For ”Doing It Right”


Parts Town recently received the Circle of Excellence Award from Culver Franchising System, Inc., during the 12th annual Culver’s(R) Reunion 2009. The Reunion was held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin celebrating Culver’s 25th anniversary.

The Circle of Excellence Award is presented annually to Culver’s supplier partners who have provided outstanding products and services to Culver’s locally owned and operated restaurants throughout the past year. “At each of our more than 390 restaurants, we work hard to make sure our guests feel that we’re doing it right for them. Our best suppliers, like Parts Town, help us to deliver on this promise by doing it right for Culver’s every day,” said Craig Culver, co-founder of Culver’s.

“Parts Town is a true partner that ensures consistent quality, products and services. We were honored to recognize their outstanding performance.” This is Parts Town’s second consecutive year earning this award.

Parts Town has developed a replacement parts solution for Culver’s which includes a dedicated customer service team, customized parts inventory, and detailed analysis to drive meaningful cost savings and improve equipment performance.

Additionally, Parts Town has created a customized web-site for Culver’s and publishes a Culver’s parts catalog.

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