Why Didn’t I Think Of That

It’s Friday and time for another edition of “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” Unique products to amuse and inspire.


Ice treat maker devised a lid that transforms into a small spoon after simple bending. Practical and eco-friendly!

Flash Drive Dispenses Post-It Notes

Since the USB drive was always meant to carry your virtual-world data, why not make it lug around some tangible object for a change? And that object happens to be a bundle of twitter-size Post-It notes in a wooden-USB-thumb-key-dispenser.

Scratch-Off Calendars

The Scratch Calendar uses the material found on lottery scratchers for a fun and interactive way to keep track of the date. As each day passes, just scratch it away with a coin.

Sticky Sunglasses

Can’t find your shades? Just peel off a new set and stick ’em on your face and you’re ready to go! (Removal could be somewhat painful.)

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