Geek Choice Inc. Increases Profitability Through Improved Operations

Boston Business Journal:

As a nationwide provider of on-site IT services to homes and businesses, Lucas Brunelle is accustomed to addressing a wide range of computer issues — from networking to security. But, about two years ago, the founder and CEO of Boston-based Geek Choice Inc. found his own operational system crashing.

“Repairing computers and being friendly doesn’t make you a good executive,” Brunelle, 37, says.

His business was growing rapidly, yet it was in the red, says Brunelle.

For one thing, he had taken on considerably more overhead — chiefly by moving his main office to larger and pricier Class A office space on St. James Street in Boston in late 2005.

Another issue was that his employee turnover rate was almost one person per month — an unacceptable scenario, Brunelle says, considering that the growth of his business is largely dependent upon its ability to provide highly qualified and consistent staff.

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