Manage Your Temper in Work and Out

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photo credit: Señor Codo

Today more people are getting enraged with anger, frustration and sometimes even rage. But in today’s economy and world…it’s easy to get this way fast and mostly understandable. But, we must remember that releasing our anger and rage in a destructive manner will only worsen the situation.

The problem isn’t our anger; it’s our attempt to justify it rather than release it. Let’s be clear: if you put energy into justifying your anger you CAN’T release it. However, most people find anger or intense rage unpleasant and are highly motivated to rid themselves of it.

Rather then let yourself go off on a tangent or surpress it all inward until you can’t breathe, try to re-think the way you feel about being angry and re-do your reaction process.

For example, if someone get’s snippy with you at work, rather then bite their head off right back, think to yourself “I don’t want this anger, they are having a bad day”. Yes this will sound weird and feel strange to do and hard to do at first, but with practice and repetition it will become habit.

Do you have any ideas on how to manage your anger at work?

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