Facts About Entrepreneurship

photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik
When anyone is first thinking about starting their own business, they want some cold hard facts regarding this industry. They want some facts on how many make it, how many fold, how many hit their profit goals and how many of them over shoot their profit goals, etc. So I have put together a little list of some interesting entrepreneurship facts for you courtesy of the Kauffman foundation.

●More than one third of job creation is due to new businesses.
●In 2007, an average of .30 percent of adults started a new business which accounted for about 495,000 new businesses per month.

● What do Microsoft, Disney, Genentech, McDonald’s, Southwest Airlines, Johnson& Johnson, and Krispy Kreme all have in common? All were founded in recessions, depressions or bear markets.

●Nearly 75% of start-up capital are made up of equal firms such as banks, loans, and credit card debt.
●Young businesses are right off the bat are 3 percent more productive than that of mature businesses an their rate increases up to 5 percent more productive after they have been open for five years or more.

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