Opportunity: Desperate Job Seekers

photo credit: a.drian

Increasingly desperate job seekers in the US are undergoing plastic surgery to give them a more employable look. Surgeons and patients are citing increased interest in surgery among people wanting to look younger and “fresher” for prospective employers. “I’m 56 and I’ve been in the music business for 35 years. We’re not having a good year and I know I’ll soon have to interview,” said Jeff Grabow, a music marketing executive in Los Angeles, who recently underwent a facelift. I don’t know how many of my readers are plastic surgeons, but there’s an opportunity in this for you even if you’re not, because new job seekers need any help they can get. Could you offer interview training and help them prepare for an interview? Or coach them on their wardrobe choices?

Wow, once they get plastic surgery they’re going to need to find a new job. One great website to try is Job-Applications.com. There you can find hundreds of online applications and printable job forms.

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