Twitter Alerts Bakery Customers To Fresh Bread


BakerTweet allows bakers to keep their customers informed.

But because bakery kitchens don’t tend to be hospitable to electronic devices–replete as they are with flour, eggs and other messy stuff–BakerTweet uses a specially designed box that can withstand the messiest kitchen conditions.

Bakers begin by creating an account online with BakerTweet using their regular computer, inputting all the baked items they want to Twitter about along with the body of the Tweet that will be sent out for each.

Back in the kitchens, the wall-mountable BakerTweet box captures that information, allowing bakers to simply turn a dial to select which item they want to Tweet about at that moment (“Fresh Buns,” for example) and then push a button to send the full Tweet wirelessly to Twitter. Customers following the bakery then get updated immediately when it’s time to go get those buns.

Photo by POKE.

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