Wings Franchise To Open In Framingham

MetroWest Daily News:

When three UMass grads who work at the MetroWest Daily News heard that a Wings Over franchise was coming to Framingham, their reaction was nearly identical. Wide smiles formed and one question was asked: When does it open?

The answer is… pause to build tension… by the end of this month if contractual issues get resolved.

The trio had consumed a chicken wing or two dozen at the Hangar Pub & Grill in Amherst where the business originated in 1999. All three raved about the boneless wings with honey barbecue sauce. “They’re addictive,” said one staffer. “You can’t go wrong with fried chicken and lots of sauce.”

Added another, “It’s a food group at UMass. Walk into any dorm on a Friday night and you will smell their wings.”

Said a third, “Hell, I’ve ordered them when I wasn’t even hungry because they’re so good.”

The new Wings Over Framingham is setting up shop in the former confines of R.H. Long Motor Sales Co. at 624 Waverley St. (Rte. 135) across from Fountain Street. The dealership moved to Southborough.

Photo: Marshall Wolff / Daily New staff.

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