Toddler’s Invention Could Have Shamwow-Craze Potential

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Julian Pavone could be infomercial gold! He has purportedly become the world’s youngest inventor at four years old.

His attorney, Robert Kelly, filed the application and received the patent for Julian’s Abracadabra Stain Cover-Up, a product that can cover clothing stains and touch up chipped paint on musical instruments and other items.

Julian’s father, Bernadino Pavone, said the invention came about when the kid stained his dad’s shirt and fixed it with liquid paper before waving the wand and saying “Abracadabra.”

After that, Julian designed the container to look like a bass drum and planned different colors to fix other items.

Julian himself continues to develop the product. He combined liquid paper with red dye to make a pink version.

After that, the family trademarked Abracadabra for the new product.

Julian’s father also noted that they were developing formulas in many different colors and the boy is working with the Sherwin-Williams company for guidance on color and technical issues in developing the system.

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