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By now everyone reading these sites has been on numerous job interviews in the past. We have all experienced the interview question’s several times, the one’s that are so over used there is practically a book on how to give the perfect answer to them, the one’s that are illegal but are asked anyway, and the one’s that we look at the interviewer with a blank expression because the question is so dumb we can’t believed they asked it.

Below are some question’s found on Business Pundit that should not be asked on an interview, so if your looking to hire some new employees, keep these question’s out of your routine dialogue to save yourself some hassle.
●What interests you about our company? Well…most likely it’s purely that you are hiring right now.
●Have you ever sued an employer before? Definitely illegal right along with any questions on age, race, health, marital status and family issues to name a few.
●Can you work under pressure? In today’s economy with people needing jobs of any kind…who will actually say no to this one?
●Do you ever abuse alcohol or drugs? First of all…this is illegal, and second…what if it’s both?
●What is your biggest weakness? Surprisingly this is actually another illegal question to ask.

What are some outrageous question’s you have ever been asked during an interview?

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