Obtaining Media Coverage

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We all know that a great way to attract business and also to advertise your business effectively is in media coverage. BusinessCast Podcast recently did an article on obtaining media coverage and what you need to know about it.

Make sure you define your targets exact. It doesn’t do you any good to obtain media coverage if you are targeting the wrong market. Keep in mind the possibility of bad publicity. This is almost a guarantee. Something will always be left out, or misunderstood and in turn the media will miss speak something about your business or give wrong information, so make sure you plan for this and have a strategy on fixing the problem if it does occur.

Establish a precise process — Let everyone in your organization know who will act as your company’s spokesperson(s). Provide them with the training to deal effectively with the media and establish a straight-forward process for responding quickly to media inquiries.

How has media coverage helped you in business?

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