Oregon Company Finds New Recycling Niche

Washington Energy Services:

An Oregon company is hoping to carve an interesting new niche for itself in the recycling industry, according to recent reports.

According to the Statesman Journal newspaper, Agri-Plas is using a new process developed by Oregon State University graduate Kevin DeWitt that can break down old plastic and turn it back into oil.

The process reportedly involves heating waste plastic, largely from agricultural sources, to 1,100 degrees and then reconstituting the gases emitted into what is called a “high-grade” oil.

The so-called “conversion technology” is said to be the first of its kind in the nation. According to the newspaper, the company hopes to eventually recycle 25,000 pounds of plastic into about 70 barrels of oil per day. Using the process, about nine pounds of plastic can reportedly be turned into a gallon of oil.

Photo by mzacha.

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