Making Customers Love You

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From the time you start your own business up to the day you retire and sell that business, you are constantly on the go of making your existing and new customers love you. But how do you continue to do this for so many year’s without running out of ideas? has a few interesting suggestions. Try everything. Meaning, even if you think the idea is a little out there such as selling shoes online like Zappos did in 1999, try it anyway, you never know it just might work in your favor. Be as serious about your training program for new employees as you can. This ensures that when you switch from 10 employees up to 50 employees, that everyone know’s what they are doing, the goal of the company and are all on the same page.

Be happy! The next step for Zappos? Happiness. Hsieh has decided to focus on the concept as a way to boost productivity and to grow sales, which hit $1 billion last year. He’s been giving employees books on how to be happier and has been tweaking the way his company promotes employees to give them a greater sense of control. For customers, he has focused on the art of surprise.

How have you made your customers love you?

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