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Happy Mother's Day!
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Moms represent a large and growing business, they have leveraged the internet and seem to be a brilliant bunch of entrepreneurs. Understanding Marketing recently wrote an article regarding working moms. Work at home moms (WAHMS) represent the most ideal entrepreneur as they take care of all the business aspects themselves.

WAHMS do their own marketing, PR, advertising, workload, client lists and more. While not every WAHM chooses to do their own PR, as some may find this to be one hassle they just don’t want to deal with, other’s find that they can save a lot of money by doing it themself rather then hiring a firm to do it for them.

Nobody know’s their business like they do, the PR, the email’s, marketing, distribution, markets they strive for, finances, advertising, inventory, meeting’s and more.

Once you know how to become a PR expert, you can build very rewarding relationships with people in the media and serve as a talking expert whenever there is a story that touches your area of expertise.

As a WAHM, how did you master your PR sector?

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