Our Future With Our New President

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I’m sure that everyone is wondering what is going to happen to the economy, jobs and most importantly…their business now that President Obama is in office. What does the new president administration hold for our future? With president Obama appointing Karen Mill’s to head up the SBA…quite a few thing’s may be in store for us.

Many wonder exactly how qualified Mills is to run the SBA given she is a venture capitalist. Well let’s see…she was a partner/director of Solera Capital a venture capital firm, a Harvard business school graduate and president of private equity business firm MMP Group. It sound’s to me like she just may have the credentials that this country needs right now.

Marketing consultant Scott Testa argues that Mill’s while being a venture capitalist is naturally a risk taker and that just may be what the SBA needs…to take some new risk’s.

Though Mills’ experience is more ambitious entrepreneur than stereotypical mom-and-pop shop, that may be just what the SBA needs to inject new ideas and resources — and, in turn, boost the ailing economy.

What are some of your thoughts on how Karen Mills will do in heading up the SBA?

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