Today’s Twitter Updates 05-12-2009

# Selling a Business During the Recession
# Searching for Value in Ludicrous Ideas
# This is not the lemonade stand game.


Weird Invention: Hair Collection Apparatus

Today’s wacky invention is perfect for our two recent posts on uses for used human hair.


Retailers Adopt ‘Green’ Plans

“Eco-friendly”, “sustainable” and “low carbon dioxide” are not just buzz words for international enterprises like French retailer Carrefour.

Another Use For Hair: Cleaning Up Oil Spills

In a home experiment, McCory stuffed 5 pounds of hair he’d cut into a pair of his wife’s pantyhose.


Business Opportunities in Hair

In China, hair is a commodity, used in wigs and even as an additive in food.


The Crazy World Of Expensing

5 Steps to Expensing- Link your Business Cards; Upload your Receipts; Match Receipts to Charges; Create your Report; Get Reimbursed; Check out the Expensify video.


Aussie Mums Franchise Their Businesses On Mothers Day

On Mother’s Day while most mothers were being served breakfast in bed, three entrepreneurial Australian women are not only enjoying being pampered by their families for the day, but also taking much needed time out from their building ‘Mumpires’ as they expand their existing businesses into franchise or license models, despite the global recession.


Opportunities in Recession-Proof Industries

The economic slump has proved fatal for many businesses, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still opportunities out there.


When The Crisis Is Over

photo credit: macieklew

Everyone in business is contemplating how to get out of the financial crisis we are having right now, how to secure money, profit, customers new and old, etc.


Franchise Documents Online Offers Affordable Easy Ways For Franchise

Franchise Documents Online have established, simple to use Franchise Documents and Franchisee Operation Manual Packs, made available online.