Branding: An Effective Strategy

Fake Brands (Weird News No. 4)
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Our newest post is up on the Small Business Marketing Guide. It’s entitled Branding: An Effective Strategy and was written by Angela Shupe. Here’s a preview:

What does every business have in common? A brand. It might not be the same for everyone, but it is a strategy they all have to employ at some point. Essentially, it will represent every positive, or potentially negative, thought a customer will have about your company.

Of course no business would want their brand to give people a negative impression. But, what do they want it to say? That’s a question that you need to ask yourself. The actual answer will depend on you.

A good brand is nothing without the right strategy and a good strategy is nothing without the right brand. Could you imagine if Google had gone with a different name?

You might not become the next Google, but you still need to put in the time to build a brand that will do what you need. To do that, you will need to define your brand and, ultimately, define yourself.

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