St. Petersburg Times:

The Pink Cadi-shack is packed.

Women file through the office door with powdered faces and lipsticked smiles. They wear black skirt suits and heels. Some sport the coveted red jacket, a status symbol within the pink bubble of Mary Kay cosmetics.

Up front is the woman they are all here to see. Joyce Recenello is beaming in her chocolate skirt suit, an outfit reserved only for senior directors. Swarovski crystal brooches sparkle with every hug she gives. Pins adorn her jacket, including a photo of the blond, bouffanted Mary Kay Ash and a golden “$500,000.”

“Yay! I’m so excited you’re here! Thanks for coming!” Recenello is saying.

She says “yay!” a lot. And why shouldn’t she? She’s living the dream. She cruises the suburbs of Brandon in her sixth pink Cadillac. She wears a diamond cocktail ring. She’s got nine others in her jewelry box at home. All, and much more, are prizes from Mary Kay.

At 62, she makes more than $100,000 a year selling moisturizer and lipstick.

Logo from Mary Kay

Originally posted by Angela Shupe on May 12, 2009 in MLM Site.


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