Hi! I'm Dane Carlson, and welcome to the Business Opportunities Weblog. I've been publishing this website, by myself, and sometimes with the help of others for over twelve years now. You'll notice two things about this site right away:

  • We have tons of content. In fact, since November 2011, I've published more than 26,000 posts on thousands of different business ideas and opportunities.
  • We don't sell much advertising. In late 2013, I realized that by selling advertising, what I was really selling was my readers. In 2014, I've already radically cut down on the number of ads and will hopefully keep cutting.

# Selling a Business During the Recession http://bit.ly/omZqD

# Searching for Value in Ludicrous Ideas http://bit.ly/iKSoJ

# This is not the lemonade stand game. Oiligarchy: Trash the environment, bribe the politicians and DRILL! http://www.addictinggames.com

# Correct Oiligarchy link: http://www.addictinggames.com/oiligarchy.html

# Cool site from @iszuddin MiniSiteGallery.com http://www.minisitegallery.com/

# I work from home because otherwise you only have 936 weekends with your children. from @marcwarnke http://twurl.nl/twpu41

# Selling fiber broadband by inviting users to dig their own trenches http://bit.ly/XlnWn

# Ignore Sunk Costs http://bit.ly/oJFd8

# 6 Tips for Writing Dynamic Sales Letters http://bit.ly/idU2u

# Accidental Entrepreneurs Share Their Stories http://bit.ly/15743y

# Branding: An Effective Strategy http://bit.ly/XccZ2

# Redesigning (and saving) printed newspaper classifieds http://bit.ly/4nvTy

Retrofuturistic Ads: Selling a Brighter Tomorrow http://bit.ly/I9ITF
I love these kinds of ads! #

# Social Media Tips from a True Pro (the Social Media Director for Britney Spears) http://www.movabletype.com/blog/2009/05/post.html

# FAIL for Google. They are pulling the plug on their attempt to automate radio-ad sales on May 31. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB12417

Top 10 Most Common Ingredients in Fast Food http://bit.ly/3CMIy
We’re trying to cut high-fructose corn syrup from our diet. #

# RT @Rocketman46 Doctors and Dentists–the new auto mechanics http://short.to/3vi1

# Smart Toilets: Doctors in Your Bathroom | Singularity Hub http://bit.ly/uCBfg

# New (to me) blog I like: http://www.infomarketingblog.com/

# RT @FranchiseKing:Ok. Is this new franchise concept for real???- http://bit.ly/6PXj6 (I hope this goes viral.)

# RT @ThisIsTrue: RT @jimkukral: This is like HARO, but for bloggers. Get in early! It’s new! http://www.bloggerlinkup.com

# My father’s new business: Start A Local (dot) Com startalocal.com Here’s an example site: modesto953.com

# @gregbd Always was. Like father, like son.

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Originally posted by Dane Carlson on May 12, 2009 in Ideas.


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