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Take a minute to sit down and think about all the little thing’s you use throughout the day that you probably take for granted. From the internet to something as simple as the phone book. Think about what you would do if you didn’t have these inventions at your finger tips. On you will find a list of some innoventors that we love and why we love them so much.

Tim Berners-Lee who is the inventor of the world wide web. Think about all the sites you visit in one day, the thing’s you buy online, your own site that you have set up…all possible due to this man.

Robert Plath the inventor of the very famous rolling luggage. All the times you have been racing through the airport rolling your luggage behind you for the ride rather than picking it up and lugging it through the airport…now that is a great time saving and muscle soreness eiliminator invention.

MIT grads Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston developed the first electronic spreadsheet, VisiCalc, in the late 1970s. Though they were among the earliest tech pioneers, they are not as celebrated today as contemporaries such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, in part because their product was always better known than their company, Software Arts.

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