Biz Poll Results: Backup

Monday, we asked readers “Do You Backup Your Data Off Site?”

44 percent replied Yes, 49% No, and 8% Sometimes.

Sometimes ain’t gonna cut it, unless you like playing Russian Roulette.

And did you notice that the poll mentioned ‘off site?” If you don’t backup your data offsite, you might as well not back it up at all.

What happens if your home/office is damaged by fire/weather and your backup hard dive or burned CDs/DVDs are destroyed?

A recent study of small businesses and consumers conducted by SOS Online Backup,reveals that nearly 50 percent of small businesses are not backing up their data on a daily basis.

The study also revealed that while over 90 percent of small businesses say they have a policy to back up daily, only half of them actually do back up their data that frequently.

Through its study, SOS Online Backup has also found that even among the small businesses surveyed (businesses between 1 and 15 staff) 31 percent of businesses are spending between $500 to $2500 per year on their current backup operations and an additional 19 percent of those surveyed are spending more than $2500 per annum on their existing backup systems, when fully costed to account for the loss of productivity and labor.

Here are a couple of data backup solutions, one paid, one free.

Carbonite Inc
$49.95 UNLIMITED storage

Windows Live SkyDrive
25 GB of FREE storage

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