Marketing Your Business When Your Broke

Panadol Bag Advertising
photo credit: Arturo de Albornoz

While we may not be actually flat broke, we all still are looking for the cheapest and most effective way’s to market our business. This being said, there are actually free way’s to market your business, that’s right, absolutely free!

Free classified ads. Do some google searching to see what kind of free classifieds you can come up with for your area. One you may want to try is craigslist, which receives a lot of volume.

Provide the best customer service you can. This is what we call “word of mouth” advertising in the long run. The better the service you provide to your existing customers, the more people they will talk to about your company.

Maximize Your Mailing List. What, don’t have a mailing list?  Start collecting customer information so you can get one!  Use this mailing list to push out information about new products or services, give a special deal to your mailing list, share information with them, etc.”, recently suggested on SmallBizBee.

What free advertising do you know of for businesses?

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