Hiring Blunders

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Now a days while hiring new people may be in order for companies, it is one of those long drawn out tasks that most managers don’t even have time really to deal with. so for the time challenged managers, HarvardBusiness has come up with some hiring blunders to stay away from in order to make your hiring job a little easier and time efficient.

Make sure to plan out your hiring strategy rather than just jumping right into the interviews, make sure your clear on exactly what you are looking for even before placing the ad. Many managers may worry excessively that they will hire someone who turns out to be the worst employee ever, however, the bigger tragedy would be to “not” hire someone who would have been your perfect fit.

Although few companies are adding–or even replacing–people now, hiring will become a key source of competitive advantage as soon as the first signs of recovery appear on the horizon, says Fernández-Aráoz, who also is the author of the recently published book Great People Decisions.

What hiring blunders can you add to this?

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