Mom-Owned Business Received National Recognition For Helping New Moms Breastfeed

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My Little Juel, owned by Suzanne Juel, local Houston Resident and mother of three, was recently certified by Medela, Inc. as a Medela Certified Nursing Center. This is the first Medela Certified Nursing Center in Texas, and one of less than 25 in the United States to date.

Medela Certified Nursing Centers are not just about nursing. Certified Nursing Centers are recognized for offering a dedicated staff with superior customer service. They offer a complete product assortment that allows families a “one stop shop” for additional breastfeeding-related items and, most importantly, education and advice where needed. As a Certified Nursing Center, My Little Juel has Medela Certified Product Specialists, Bra Fitters and Breastfeeding Specialists on staff and provides educational materials and classes, and much more.

“Everyone recognizes that Mother Nature has given within each mother the perfect food for their baby”, Suzanne says, “fortunately, most of the time things happen on their own, but it’s a bit of a lost art being able to help when problems arise.”

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