Nonnegotiable Rules Of Advertising

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In the advertising world there are many different forms as well as policies and practices that go along with them all. Small Biz Bee recently posted an article on a few advertising rules that are not negotiable in any market.

Set a budget up front that you will allocate to your monthly advertising. Make this a % of revenue – not a fixed $$$ amount. Stick to this budget month in and month out – but spend your ad dollars (see next point).

Right from the begining make sure that you know exactly who you are targeting and what for, make sure your message is perfectly clear to not only you but your prospects as well before you even begin to spend a dime.

In the end make sure to measure, measure, measure. In measuring your efforts you will know what work’s and what does not so that necessary changes can be made and the overall better success you will have.

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