Some Inventions Born Amid Recession

LA Times:

They might never get as big as chocolate-chip cookies, which supposedly were invented during the Great Depression, but most of these inventions came about because the people behind them were laid off during this economic downturn.

The iTie. Joe Sale of Tampa, Fla., invented it after he was laid off from his sales job. It holds iPods, credit cards and bills in a pocket in the back of the tie. It can also be attached to your shirt so it doesn’t whip around in the wind.

Squishy Toes the Biodegradable Shower Mat. Rebecca Berrigan of Newark, Calif., invented this biodegradable shower mat after she was laid off from KB Home.

LidPunch. Don McCammon of Orlando, Fla., was laid off from his job as a mental health counselor. He took $100,000 out of his 401(k) and licensed his LidPunch invention, which helps open jars, to Viatek Consumer Products.

Photo by Viatek.

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