5 Tips For Entrepreneurial Students

Savvy Auntie:

1) Save for your dream. It’s coming
I started my company on the small inheritance my late mother had left me when she passed away 20 years ago. This was the savings I would nuture and grow and one day, when the time was right, finally put towards my dream – whatever that was going to be.

2) Be nice. To everyone.
When I first started my company last summer, I went to everyone who would lend their ear and advice. Some of those people I had not seen in years. One, my old colleague, Bernie Milan, from my days at New York Times Digital, gave me stellar advice and contacts to help move my idea forward.

3) Be ready to help anyone at any time.
I have talked about karma a lot in this blog. As an entrepreneur, I cannot tell you how much karma has helped with the success of SavvyAuntie.com.

4) You’re not entitled to feel entitled.
You’ve got to earn your respect. Listen before your talk. Really. Listen. Listen good and hard. There is a lot to learn out there.

5) Read.
Read something that will teach you about how best to succeed in your field of choice, every day. Find blogs that guide you. Buy books that teach you. Read the news. Read. Read. Read.

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