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In this global world there is an enormous demand for people to communicate in multiple languages. Language Champs is a system and methodology for teaching a second or third language that is currently being implemented in schools and centers located in Australia. The languages offered include English, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian and more.

Licensing Opportunity

For the first time, this system is available to individuals in the US. So if you are bilingual and are considering starting a business, Language Champs could be for you. This system could be utilized by, but not limited to:

  1. start-up language schools
  2. established language schools seeking a children’s program
  3. private kindergartens and child care centers looking to differentiate their center

For Children

The Language Champs system is specifically designed for children aged two years and up. The program’s foundation is based on utilizing the child’s natural enjoyment of play combined with a structured curriculum. Using the system, children learn a second language with age-appropriate activities, child-friendly props, and proprietary games, coloring and worksheets, vocabulary-rich songs, computer games, and visual aids and many additional Language Champs proprietary materials. Children’s language development skills are monitored with Language Champs progress reports. This system makes teaching easy as all materials and methods are pre-packaged ready for the classroom. Children learn a second language easily and naturally.

For Adults

The Language Champs adult language learning system is more traditional. It still encompasses the idea that learning a new language should be fun. The system makes teaching easy as all materials and methods are pre-packaged ready for the classroom.


The Language Champs system has been used in Language Champs classes, schools and child care centers in Australia since 2003. Language Champs founder, Karen Hodgson, was born and raised in Chicago, USA and moved to Australia. Karen, bilingual from birth, benefited greatly from knowing more than one language and learning languages while young. Utilizing extensive language acquisition research, the Language Champs curriculum was designed by Karen along with Australian teachers. Specific games and activities were created utilizing the research and perfected while teaching in centers and schools in Australia. The games and activities engage children and adults both cognitively and emotionally. With Language Champs interactive games, students have fun while they are learning a language easily.

The Language Champs System Now Available

For the first time, this system is available to approved applicants in the USA. The benefits to become a Language Champs Licensee are many including the following:

Rich Curriculum Licensees will receive a complete proven system ready to use. Licensees receive 80+ different theme-based step-by-step lesson plans along with all the theme-related worksheets, games and activities for the students. All lessons have been tested and are proven and effective. There is no shortage of exciting, stimulating educational lessons to teach. Since Language Champs has invested enormous time and effort developing and perfecting lessons, licensees can benefit by spending their time and efforts on students needs. Additional lessons are available.

Materials to Teach Along with lesson plans, licensees receive the list of recommended props, visual aids, flashcards, audio, board games and other equipment supporting each individual lesson. Each children’s lesson comes with its own set of flashcards. Unique flashcard games have been specifically designed to teach the target vocabulary and sentence structures. The flashcard games are interactive and fun and require student involvement for maximum learning. Adult classes have a list of recommended texts to support the lessons.

Brand Licensees can use Language Champs brand, logo, and other marketing materials.

The cost of the license is US$9,900 for one language. To teach two languages, there is a additional cost US$4,400. If you want to open your own language school and teach all languages, the license cost is US$19,900

Contact Information

Language Champs can be contacted at 847-991-0567. Visit the website at for more information.

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