Shopping At Home Still Popular, For A Good Reason

It is a leap of faith, on any terms, to go into business for yourself. Nowadays, of course, more and more people are doing so – from necessity. Independence brings its own demands, such as considerable self discipline, focus and a determination to succeed.

The home party selling scene seems to be thriving in this environment of necessarily self-employed people, as well as those who just want the challenge.

It probably began with the Tupperware parties – which are still being held, so I understand – decades ago. In this changing world it is nice to see the old stand-bys are still valued.

I had the chance this week to chat to two ladies in the business of selling their chosen products at home parties to discuss the different perspectives on this way of selling and meeting people.

Kelly Dash sells “Epicure Selections” which is a line of dried mixed dried herbs and spices. She worked for 10 years in the corporate world for a company in Mississauga.

After giving birth to her second daughter, she decided that she really wanted to stay at home with her children and so, looked for an alternative way to earn some money.

After “a lot of investigating” into the options, she chose Epicure Selections for their product and their way of conducting business. And she has been very happy with her choice.

Connie Smith sells the well known Mary Kay line of cosmetics and skin care at parties. She has been doing this for 2 years, starting as a help to her sister.

At first she thought she would just do it to earn free products but when her family felt a financial pinch, she worked harder at it, learned to like it and did well.

As her business has grown, Connie has learned to value the female friends she has met through the business.

“We meet once a week and I so look forward to those meetings,” she explained.

Connie really enjoys selling the make-up. “I really like the whole faceto face contact with other women – it’s fun.”

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