Woman Finds A Way To Make Money During Recession With Handbags


Jennifer Dugas worked full time before her son was born. Since then, she’s been lucky to stay home while her husband works, but lately, the reality he could lose his job has forced their family to be creative in finding other ways to make money. That’s where B’s Purses came to the rescue. Jennifer can work from home, create her own schedule, and still bring in extra income for her family.

Direct selling companies like B’s Purses are on the rise right now because of the recession. Jennifer is now one of B’s Purses top representatives. She hosts purse parties and helps women custom-make bags. With less than a year in business, Jennifer’s purse sales are really taking off.

She says the reason the purses are so popular is because people get to purchase their own creation they design themselves. Jennifer says, this is the modern day Tupperware Party. “You get to pick your style, pick the fabric, you pick your hardware and your labels, so you can’t go wrong.”

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