High Acheivers And How They Do It

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Many people look at the high achievers in their company and think to themselves “how does he do that?” We wonder what drives them, is it a high level of energy, a person in the background coaching them on or do they drink way too much coffee? Finally here are some answers, some suggestions on how to become one of those high achievers.

Paradox alert! Work through the tedium. Much of what you need to do to become a superstar is repetitive–it will be boring. But there are those things you have to do in order to do what you want to do.

You have to be able to say when enough is enough, admit when you can’t take on anymore. Some people are known for overloading their plates beyond their means, but a high achiever is one who can recognize when they have taken on all they can handle.

Stay after hours a little longer. When the clock strikes 5 for closing time, rather than packing up and saving your unfinished work for the morning, stay even just 15 minute’s longer to finish up. This will also give you a sense of completion and save you time first thing the next morning from completing your unfinished work, as suggested on Entrepreneur.com.

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