Babyglow: Life-Saving Invention

Suffolk Free Press:

A landlord from Long Melford is cracking open the bubbly after signing a multi-million pound contract for his “lifesaving” invention.

Chris Ebejer, 42, who runs the Melford Inn, said he had a eureka moment six years ago when he woke up on the couch one morning and saw a documentary about babies not being able to regulate their body temperature.

In a flash of inspiration the father of one decided he would design a baby suit that changed colour when the baby’s temperature went up.

And now the pint pulling part-time scientist will soon see his ‘Babyglow’ invention flying out of production plants around the world at more than a million a month

“It’s incredible, off the scale. I don’t quite know what has hit me at this stage. I’m getting calls from every TV station in the world and this is just the beginning,” he said.

The suit will change colour at the first sign of meningitis and it could have a huge impact on cot death numbers and a number of other baby related illnesses.

The suit works by responding to the slightest changes in body temperature which then react with molecules in the cotton.

Photo by Suffolk Free Press.

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