Protect Your Business From Identity Theft

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It is so important these days to worry about identity theft not only in your personal life but especially in your business, maybe even more so in your business. Think about it, all the credit and charge cards your business contains, set up lines of credit for your business, hackers obtain a lot more money when stealing the identity of a business.

As such, identity theft has a “multiplier effect” on small businesses, he added. “You’re not only affecting the individual — you’re affecting the business so inexorably linked to that individual.”

Anti spyware is a must have for most businesses. These programs regularly monitor the content coming and going from your computer enabling it to alert you of any unusual behavior as well as block out many different hackers and spy’s.

Rather than using your own social security number (which is just a bad idea all the way around) get a EIN (employment identification number) for your business. Another great way to help secure your identity is to freeze your credit report, this means that a bank can’t even get their hands on it without you unfreezing it, so it definitely will stop a hacker from getting a hold of it.

Visit Small Business Blog for many other ways to secure your identity.

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