T-Shirt Comes With Free Music Downloads


Much the way Webkinz pets are more than just stuffed animals, so t-shirts can be more than just t-shirts when they forge links to the online world.

The conversation-starters offered by Reactee, Shyno and Augme are one type of example; now bringing a new purpose to such connections comes The Music Tee, a shirt that gives wearers the right to free music downloads.

The new offering from Invisible DJ and fashion house LnA features album art on the front of the t-shirt and a list of tracks on the back.

Included on a separate hang tag, meanwhile, are a URL and a unique code that can be used to download one copy of each of the tracks printed on the shirt.

The first such unisex tee features an eclectic compilation of artists from around the world, curated by Invisible DJ; with 14 tracks, it’s priced at USD 60. The second Music Tee features The Ecstatic by Mos Def. With 16 tracks, it costs USD 39. Both are available exclusively at Ron Herman and LNAclothing.com.

Band t-shirts have long given fans a way to visibly proclaim their musical taste, but bundling with downloads adds an extra incentive for consumers to buy, and at a considerably higher price.

Photo by LNAclothing.

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