Why You Should Get A Free Phone Number

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Many of us think that in order to have a legitimate working phone number we have to sign up for a long contract and pay an outrageous amount of money for it. This is not necessarily true in all cases. Google Voice offers a free legitimate working phone number that you would greatly benefit from.

With this free phone number you have an extreme level of portability. You can have all of your Google Voice phone calls transferred to any phone number you want, and it’s easy and quick to change the transfers so if you loose say your cell  phone, just simply transfer the calls to your new cell.

You get transcribed voicemail messages. When someone leaves you a voicemail, you can go online to your Google Voice account and either listen to the message or read the transcribed version.

You can set up a notification alert of any new phone calls that are received. This alert can come via text message or by emails. You can even set up a block for the calls from phone numbers that you don’t want to receive.

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