You’re The Boss!

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When we work for ourselves or are the owners of a company, we need to remember that we make the rules now, we no longer have to stick to the typical 9-5 hours of operation if we don’t want to. We no longer have to stick to the timeless classic of a 5 day work week if we don’t want to. However, as suggested on FrontLine Results it is possible for us to get a tad bit carried away with bending the rules.

As entrepreneurs or boss’s we need to remember that even we should have a set of rules to follow or at least 90% of the time follow. One suggestion would be to keep track of all of your personal hours that you take, and maybe once a month spend a day or two re-paying those hour’s into your business.

Always remember that you don’t want to short change your business or the people working for you, as after too much of this will begin to cause big problems in the work place.

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