The Journal Gazette:

Courtney Furrow-White believes that people who enjoy cooking must have good DNA. “I’m missing that – so’s my husband (Justin),” she says.

She’s contemplating a solution, should her son, Colsen, 1, be the same way.

“Poor Colsen; we’ll have to get you a good wife that can cook so you don’t keep coming back to visit Mommy,” Furrow-White says, laughing.

Furrow-White, 29, is a project manager at Parkview Physicians Group. She has a master’s degree in public management and is studying to become a registered nurse. In her spare time, she plays volleyball, and loves watching Komets and Washington Capitals hockey games.

“Good thing I like to be busy,” she says. “It drives my husband nuts.”

In late March, Furrow-White, of New Haven, began selling Homemade Gourmet, a line of easy-to-prepare food mixes.

“One thing I told my husband before we were married was he had to cook. We had a lot of frozen foods. That was getting old, and that’s when I got into Homemade Gourmet. We’re both ‘cooking-challenged.’ ”

Logo from Homemade Gourmet

Originally posted by Angela Shupe on July 10, 2009 in MLM Site.


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