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 An experiment in visual kinetics
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Recently there have been quite a few reports stating that newly graduated design specialists are having some trouble landing their dream job in that field, according to FastCompany.  The speculation behind this problem is that there are a number of rather important skills that companies look for in design specialists that are not always taught in design schools. To help newly graduated designers below are a few helpful hints on the skills that companies are looking for.

  • Using your imagination. Bringing concepts together that were never thought of or laid out at the beginning of the job.
  • Execution. It is no longer a concept to hand off jobs to teams below you to work on. A designer now is expected to have excellent execution in getting things done, working with their teams every step of the way until the project is complete.
  • Passionate Curiosity. This is one of the biggest attributes that decides whether a designer will make it or not. You have to be willing to always be looking into bigger and better ideas.
  • Talent: Talent is intentionally last on this list. Having a real talent for design is as critical as it has ever been. However, talented designers are far more common than those designers who have real talent complimented with the attributes that are outlined above.

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