Mompreneur Turns Gifts Into A Business

Rockford Register Star:

When Joelene Chinn finishes one of her creations, it’s a bit like Rockford’s infamous Sock Monkey – gone punk.

The 33-year-old mother is the mastermind behind the rockin’ sock dolls popping up throughout the Rock River Valley. It’s only been a few months since she launched her business, Socks That Rock, but already Chinn has made some 500 sock dolls.

“Everywhere I go, I get in a conversation about them,” she said. “They’re so unique and it relates: Rock ’n’ roll is so ‘in.’ This is the right time.”

Decked out with piercings, tattoos and mohawks, each of Chinn’s sock dolls are originals.

“Every single one is one-of-a-kind,” Chinn said. “Even if I have two socks that are the same, they don’t sew the same.”

Photo from Socks That Rock

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