Pet Businesses Booming

One niche that continues to flourish is the pet industry. Everyday new business with names like “Puppy Palace” and “Doggie Dewz” popup.

According the American Pet Products Association, we spent over $43 billion on our pets in 2008. Americans spent $10 billion on supplies and over-the-counter medicine. They also also spent $11.1 million on veterinary care. Pet health insurance came in at $271 million, pet services at $3.2 billion. Pet food and treats spending led the way at $16.8 billion. And all categories are expected to Increase in 2009.

So, you think, I’m a pet lover – maybe I can get in on some of this moola. There are lots of options for jobs: from vet tech to groomer to dog walker. Some take some schooling, like the tech jobs, though occasionally you can land one that will let you gain practical experience. Grooming needs a bit of practice, I suppose. If your neighbor’s poodle keeps invading your yard – he can be your first victim. There are also grooming schools. Dog training obviously takes some know-how. You can start by joining the Association of Pet Dog Trainers for lots of information.

But the most lucrative pet business is food and treats and new dog bakeries are popping up everywhere. While you can bake right out of your home, it’ll take awhile to get going. In addition to selling to local groceries and pet stores, you can also create an online presence. Or, you can start a bakery that is a franchise of something bigger. One such mega-treat heaven is Woofgang Bakery.

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