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It’s not often we see the words “holistic” and “wealth” used in the same sentence, but holistic wealth is the theme Elizabeth Potts Weinstein promotes on her business coaching website, The Wealth Spa. “Being wealthy isn’t just about money,” Weinstein says. “We hear many stories about wealthy people who are miserable. What I like to teach people is to learn how to make money in such a way that they maintain balance in their lives. It’s about health; it’s about mindset; it’s about spirituality and fulfillment.”

An attorney and licensed financial planner, Weinstein left a “Big Law” law firm to start her own business in 2003. She began her home-based venture as a personal financial and estate planner but found clients were asking her questions pertaining to their small businesses. “At first I would help them out pro bono but then I realized that this kind of advising and coaching could turn into a business,” she says. Soon she began focusing her work on the micro small business owners (defined as businesses with 1 to 9 employees) and mompreneurs. “I teach people how to turn their fun hobby into a real business that makes money,” she states.

In 2008, she developed The Wealth Spa online, which she describes as a clearing house of articles, tools, products and tips to help the struggling business owner. Her site offers advice on finance, business law, marketing, management and mindset.

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