Lia Sophia, A Business Opportunity In Jewelry

Founded 35 years ago, lia sophia is a family-owned fashion jewelry company based outside of Chicago. Products are sold directly to customers through a national network of independent sales women.

Tory Kiam, President of lia Sophia, explains, “In this economy, the lia sophia business opportunity is more appealing than ever to women who need to replace lost income, or just make ends meet, while maintaining a flexible schedule. Because of our highly desirable product, our rewarding programs and our great people, lia sophia is in the right place to weather the storm going on around us and we are on track for another record year.”

Lia sophia jewelry is affordable, stylish and backed by an unmatched lifetime replacement guarantee. More than 40 percent of lia sophia jewelry is priced at $35 or less. During the same period in early 2008 to early 2009, lia sophia saw a 15 percent increase in new sales advisors.

The company offers women part-time or full-time work opportunities. Each lia sophia advisor is the CEO of her own business, so she sets her own goals and schedule.

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