Kerry Johnson came back from a 2005 vacation with one thing on his mind: cupcakes. The longtime landscape architect and baker by hobby “always dreamed of opening a business anyone could afford,” he said. While enjoying a cupcake, the idea came to him.

Now, after opening cupcake stores in Ann Arbor and Birmingham, Johnson plans to franchise The Cupcake Station – with five new stores planned in the next five years.

Johnson said he sees the economy as an opportunity.

“This is the time businesses need to grow,” he said. “If they wait for the economy to improve, they’re losing the best opportunity – better locations, better rent prices. We’re at a good point.”

When Johnson developed the idea for a cupcake store, no one in Michigan was doing it. Full story.

Photo: Robert Ramey.

Originally posted by Mark on July 24, 2009 in Franchise Site.


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