Understanding Customer Needs And Wants

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To sell more, you need to know what your customer’s need and want. If you don’t, your company will never reach it’s potential — it’s the unfortunate truth. The million dollar question is then, “how do you know what your customer’s need and want?”

Customers love to feel involved and important, taken seriously. They like to feel like their opinion and wants matter to the business owner or creator of a product, so…when wondering how to figure out what they want or need, simply ask them. You  can do this one on one, in a group, send out questionnaires in the mail, emails and more.

As the creator of a product or service, try setting aside some special time where you go to the businesses selling your product or service, act as though a regular customer. Walk around and listen to what customers are asking the sales people regarding your product, listen to what they talk about as far as what they would like to see or what they think would boost the products function’s, as suggested on Sbimonline.com.

Also get your team who work’s with you to get outside on the town observing the clients using your product. Have them take notes on what they learn, what they heard that customers want and need. This later will give you some great ideas on improving your product and how to make it easier for the customer to use.

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