What Ice Cream Man? This Is The Mom & Daughter Ice Cream Team


Who doesn’t remember the ice cream man? It seems no matter what you were doing when the ice cream truck went by, you ran to go get money.

A local mother got nostalgic. She and her daughter thought it would be a refreshing memory back to the suburbs.

The familiar sounds of the ice cream truck can make you run out of a lake or stop playing.

“Cherry-banana split,” said one little customer.

At a time when folks are losing jobs and tightening spending, 12-year-old Allie Saathoff and her mother Lisa Saathoff are taking a gamble on the Pink Cow Ice Cream truck.

“Cows kind of went with ice cream and pink is my favorite color,” said Allie.

“I was just at a point where I was ready for a new challenge and we started researching. Who wouldn’t want to have an ice cream truck?” said mom, Lisa.

They’ve only been in business since Memorial Day weekend, but things seem to be going well.

“People love that we have a friendly-family option. We have a smiling 12-year-old selling ice cream and I think that’s what makes us a little different,” said Lisa.

Photo by lilivanili

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